Why Auction Career?

Auction Career? A career as an auctioneer can be fun, rewarding and very lucrative. There are many perks to this field including travel, great income and the ability to meet and network with many influential people.
Most people think of the insanely quick-yet-clear speech of the auctioneer as his or her main skill, but there’s much more to it than that. His involvement behind the scenes is just as important to the success of an auction as his talent in generating bidders. Auctioneers perform many duties, such as marketing, public relations, business management, accounting and basic administration.
Want to be the center of attention? And make money while doing it?
Auctioneering may be what’s right for you!


Currently, 37 states in the US require a license, Some states require you go to an NAA affiliated school. We have compiled a list of Auctioneer schools that will help further your education and get you the certification you need to become and auctioneer.

Auction Career Professionals

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